Friday, July 4, 2014

Stereotype Project

Sarah and I dove right into our stereotype project changing the "classic baby doll" into "Bad Ass Baby."   We had a blast giving the baby rude tattoos, a mohawk and camo shorts, but when we were done we felt like we needed more to complete a whole project, so we came up with the commercial idea.   The biggest improvement, we could have added, was an actual script for the commercial, because Sarah had some great lines she didn't use during filming due to rushing.

We had a few technical difficulties, such as filming in 4 sections, so we chould change the background music for each.  We then realized we had to put them together into one film.  We fixed this by puting them together with iMovie.  I also had a panic moment when filming as I was holding the camera/phone in portrait orientation rather than landscape.  I lucked out on that one, because luckily the iPhone actually lets you make a movie in that orientation, unlike my Droid which would have left Sarah laying on her side throughout the movie.  If we had a few more minutes, we could have put title frames in and cleaned up the transitions using iMovie, and it would have even looked more professional.  To hasten things along we just dumped the movie directly to Youtube.

If Sarah's overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm at being in a movie on Youtube is any indication this activity would be a huge hit with students.  

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  1. I loved this video! It was hilarious! Great job! :)